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Check out our FAQ, they are exhaustive for most of the questions about our services.
If they are not, please contact us by email at

I need to change my reservation. How do you contact?
If for any reason you had to delay your arrival or departure or change your travel plans please contact us immediately at +39 346.2184214

My flight is delayed and I booked the pick up at the airport. What should I do?
Even in this case need to contact us immediately at +39 346.2184214. We’ll give you the maximum support compatibly with our operational capabilities.

What are the documents required for the pick up and use of my rental car?
Documents that are absolutely required are a valid driving license and a document of identification, credit card or cash for the security deposit and your passport if you are not resident in Italy. We also suggest to bring with you a paper copy of the booking confirmation.

Is my car protected with an insurance?
All our vehicles are covered by liability insurance. In case of damage or theft you will be asked for the reimbursement of a maximum deductible varies depending on the hire car. If you want to remove this exemption and can travel safely book or inquire directly at the service station Super Protection Cover (SPC). Remember that damage caused by negligence, willful misconduct or gross negligence of the driver and the damage incurred by natural disasters and socio-political events are never covered by any protection and are always entirely borne by the customer.

Who travels with me is protected by insurance?
Course. The liability policy insures accidents to the passengers, but not those suffered by the driver. We provide a service that offers personal injury protection coverages and reimbursements up to a maximum of € 100,000.

If the car that I rented has minor scratches or slight imperfections?
If this were to happen, the small pre-existing damages are accurately reported on a form that our staff will deliver and that you will be required to sign a receipt, of course after checking that there are no damages reported. Before leaving, check carefully that the module overs exactly the actual damage and if something does not match, and do not hesitate to inform our agents.

There is a fault on my car. How do I?
No problem: just call +39 346.2184214
Sm Rent will do everything possible to allow you to resume your trip as soon as possible and safely.

Unfortunately I damaged the car in an accident without counterparty. What happens now?
First of all, please contact us at +39 346.2184214.
If you purchased the partial elimination of the exemptions Super Protection Cover (SPC) will not incur any charge, unless your conduct was not negligent (intent or gross negligence) or you have not caused damage to the crystals, the mirrors, the wheels, the underside or roof of the car. However, it is fundamental that you work with our staff ascertainment of the damage: this will help us to better assess the incident and charge you the correct amount. Remember, finally, that if the harm done makes the car without engine, and then you’ll have to call a tow truck, this cost will be charged.

My car was stolen. How should I behave?
First you have to go immediately at the police station and fill the dedicated form, and contact us at +39 346.2184214.
Then go within 24 hours from happening at our nearest car to deliver a copy of the complaint and the keys of the vehicle. Please note that the rental agreement will be considered concluded only when you fill the dedicated form and the keys of the vehicle.

Unfortunately, I was involved in an accident, what should I do?
Firts checkpersonal injuries, the immediately fill out the accident report form, which must be signed by both parties, and deliver it at the end of our car rental car hire station. Inform us immediately by telephone at +39 346.2184214.

I got a ticket during the rental. What happens now?
In this case the fine is delivered by competent Authority to SM Rent as the owner of the vehicle. SM Rent is not required to pay rent and shall, according to the data of the vehicle that committed the infringement, identify the driver and notify the Authority of your information. Then the Authority will see the fine, and it is up to you to pay it or contest it. We remind you that the deadline for the dispute normally shall commence from the second notification.

Has the car the fill of fuel?
We confirm you that your car will you hand it to the full, and you will be required to return the car with the always full. To avoid you this burden, you can leave the car with a fuel level lower than the original: in this case the supply will be made by Sm Lawyer who will charge you the cost of fuel, plus a service charge.

The use of the child seat is required?
As established by the Italian Code, is mandatory if the child has no son turned 12 or did not exceed 1.50 meters in height. Given the limited availability, we recommend that you book in advance.

Which fleet you have?
In our fleet it’s possible to find cars for all your different needs in Sardinia. In our fleet are available utility cars up to specials. Moreover it’s possible to rent commercial vans, this service is offered with Only Sardinia Autonoleggio.

What limitations does a drivers aged less than 23 years?
Drivers under the age of 23 years must pay at the car rental an additional fee, and in any case are not allowed to drive certain car groups. It is mandatory report it in the online application form or by phone.

It is permitted to drive my rental car to other drivers?
SM Rent applies an open policy on this point, but it is mandatory to inform the car hire station to any additional drivers, who must produce their driving license in the original and enter their names in the rental agreement. We remind you that each driver must meet the minimum requirements for driving a car, that is to have a driver’s license for more than a year and have reached the minimum age for driving a particular car group. The cost of the service is quantified by the number of drivers.

What are my duties at the time of the return of the car?
First of all, please return the vehicle with due advance. The restitution procedures still require some activity and therefore of time. You have to park your car in the marked areas and hand over the keys of the car in our offices. Remember not to leave personal belongings on board (of which we are not responsible). Our staff will inspect your car to make sure the missing fuel and any damage occurring during the rental. We remind you that it must be returned in the same condition and with the beginning of the rental equipment. If you had to return the car during the closing hours of the office, you can leave the keys in the lock box.

If for any reason you do not consign the car after the hour / day expected?
The rate agreed exactly cover the rental period shown on the contract. If for any reason riconsegnerai the car over the date / time scheduled you will be charged an extra day charge for each day of delay, subject to a tolerance of 59 minutes compared with the initial return. For example, if you expected the return to 13 and the return is at 13.55 there will be no additional charge. From 14.00 onwards triggered charged an extra day.

How do I get the invoice of my car rental?
You have to request it to our staff. It will be emailed to you.

How can I refer you a complaint?
Please write an email toE’ a tua disposizione We guarantee prompt and exhaustive answers.